Why does “reaching out” go only one way?

In case you have not guessed, I’m an old-line, life-long FDR New Deal Democrat and proud of it.  With the ascendance of Trump and Trump voters in the GOP, and with the control Fox “news” has over “conservatives,” I’m told time and again that I need to “reach out,” “understand the needs of working people,” and similar platitudes.

Tell me:  Why am I the one who must reach out?  Why do I need to watch Fox?  How about some of you TeaPublicans reaching out?  How about YOU turn off Fox and spend a month watching Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell??  How about it?

Every time a Republican says “working class,” s/he means “white working class.”   Every time a Republican says “blue collar,” s/he means “white blue collar workers.”

This one-sided reaching out also manifests itself in periodic demands that Democratic politicians show knowledge or interest about some very marginal interest that is somehow Authentically American because it is liked by white guys who fly Confederate flags.

Why the double standard?  When do YOU reach out to me??