You TeaPublicans want a civil war? Keep it up and you’ll get one.


Trump advisor and convicted criminal Corey Leandowski:

Lewandowski was far from the most ravening of Trump’s campaign staff or post-election surrogates, but here he is offering a kind of unified theory of treason, in which every Democratic politician and every member of the Justice Department and FBI — including Republican-appointed officials who sat there through decades of administrations on the left and right — were all joined in treason. Which is the new word for witchcraft.

And the terrifying thing is … this is not ridiculous. Oh, the accusations are ludicrous, but we had better consider the real likelihood that the months leading up to the 2020 election will consist of a Trump-sponsored series of show trials in the mold of Stalin’s purge of Russia and Mao’s purges in China and Hitler’s “trials” of German generals who displeased him.

How hard is to imagine Hillary Clinton being led down Pennsylvania Avenue in chains while MAGA-hat wearing mobs hurl invective and rotten fruit from the wings? On what charges? Who knows? Who cares? Charges. They don’t need no stinkin’ charges. The thesaurus may say that ludicrous and laughable are synonyms. But something can be both preposterous, and ghastly. Just watch that clip if you don’t believe them.