Now the moron wants to re-design aircraft carriers

President Trump criticized plans to overhaul some U.S. aircraft carriers’ catapults while speaking to sailors aboard an assault ship stationed in Japan on Tuesday.
During his remarks, the president once again took aim at the Navy’s plans to overhaul traditional steam-based catapults used for launching aircraft with newer electric systems, calling it a “wrong” choice…”I think I’m going to put an order,” the president continued. “When we build a new aircraft carrier, we’re going to use steam. I’m going to just put out an order: We’re going to use steam. We don’t need — we don’t need that extra speed.”

Let’s see if I understand this:  A moron who doesn’t know how to use a computer or send an email, who can’t even fold up his own umbrella, is giving design criteria for an aircraft carrier. Seriously.