12 murdered in Virginia Beach: Thank you, Virginia Republicans

The killer in the Virginia Beach shooting used two .45-caliber pistols with several high-capacity magazines (that is, a magazine that holds far more rounds than the standard magazine, allowing the shooter to kill a lot of people before reloading.:

Virginia Republicans are responsible for this.

A Virginia bill designed to ban sales of large-capacity magazines similar to those used by the Virginia Beach gunman died in committee in January on a party-line vote 00 Republicans killed the bill, Democrats supported it..

The fate of the legislation, SB1748, was so widely expected that the outcome drew virtually no public attention. For more than 20 years, Republicans and a few rural Democrats in the General Assembly have killed almost every measure aimed at restricting gun ownership.

The GOP blocked a major push for gun control after the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, where 33 people died. They chose instead to respond to that shooting by joining Democrats to enact mental-health reforms.

Although there are signs that public opinion has been shifting in favor of gun control in Virginia, the state has a history of support for gun rights symbolized by the location in Fairfax of the headquarters of the National Rifle Association.

Each year, Democrats propose multiple gun-control measures, such as strengthening background checks, limiting handgun purchases to one per month and allowing localities to regulate guns in public buildings. They call these “common-sense” measures to save lives.

Each year, Republican majorities in one or both chambers of the legislature vote them down, usually in committee. GOP legislators say their goal is never to infringe on people’s Second Amendment rights.