I’m not a fashion expert, however . . .

Make-up applied with a trowel.  Fake eyebrows penciled in.  Did she apply primer under those two coats of lipstick?  And what’s with that fake “beauty mark” on her lower left jaw?  How long does it take to apply this mask . . . and to take it off (or, is it permanent?).

This, folks, is Tina Freitas, hardcore rightwing candidate for the Virginia Senate who is running against a fellow Republican . . . who is not nutty enough for Virginia Republicans.

She’s typical TeaPublican . . . anti-women’s health care; cut taxes, and cut and cut some more;  a gun in every hand;  if you can’t afford medical insurance, then, curl up and die . . . all the usual TeaPublican bullshit.

As expected, she’s the darling of the “Liberty Movement,” a loose cabal of rightwingnutjobs.