Tenants leaving Trump tower, so , he rents to his 2020 campaign and keeps the money

Those donating to Donald Trump’s 2020 election fund are directly plugging a financial hole in Trump’s struggling real estate “empire.” With more and more of Trump Tower turning into the vertical equivalent of a failing suburban strip mall, Trump’s campaign is filling up that space. And his campaign is routing campaign funds right back into Trump’s pockets.

Trump’s campaign is now channeling $37,000 a month into renting the increasingly available empty space in Trump Tower. This isn’t the first time. During the 2016 campaign, Trump rented space in his own building, with the campaign paying top dollar for unfinished space that lacked such niceties as bathrooms, fixtures, or walls. The campaign also funneled funds through payments for catering that went back to Trump. And payments for hotel rooms that went back to Trump.

What is Trump getting for $37,000 a month in Trump Tower? Working space for “4 or 5” members of his campaign staff. Because, sure, $9,000 a month per person is a fine rate for office space in New York. But even that seems to be overstating it. What that $37,000 really seems to finance is occasional visits from a member of the campaign team, just long enough to generate a bill.

And with another 41,000 square feet of empty space currently open in Trump Tower, there’s always room to increase the bill.