Trump’s “tariff deal” with Mexico is BULLSHIT all the way

Let’s review the bidding.

  • Trump threatened to slap a 5% tariff on all goods imported from Mexico if Mexico does not stop immigration across the US-Mexico border.
  • Pundits on the right and left blabbered about the tariff.
  • Now — as expected — at the last minute (Friday night, June 7) — the State Dept announced an agreement with Mexico.

The “agreement” has these provisions:

  • The Mexican government will dispatch its national guard forces to help with immigration enforcement, with priority in the south, on its border with Guatemala.

  • The two countries will expand a program known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), created this year, that allows the United States to return Central American migrants to Mexico while they await the adjudication of their asylum hearings in U.S. immigration court.

  • Trump will not impose tariffs on goods imported from Mexico.

Now, let’s consider the facts.

  • Mexico DOES NOT HAVE A FUNCTIONING NATIONAL GUARD.  The Mexican “National Guard” is a force that was formed a few months ago and, essentially, exists only on paper.
  • US law does not allow us to return asylum seekers to another country while awaiting hearing.
  • Trump’s tariffs would never be approved.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said as much.

So — bottom line:  The “deal” is bullshit.