“christian love” on display

Pastor Curtis Knapp of KS says it’s the government’s JOB to kill all gay people.
Pastor Charles Worley NC preaches all gay people should be put in concentration camps to die.
Pastor Kevin Swanson says all gay people must be exterminated.
Pastor Dave Buehner says treat gay people like cannibals, child molesters, rapists and murderers.
Pastor Steven L. Anderson preaches KILL the gays.
Pastor Sean Harris says beat your 4 year old son if he shows signs of being gay.
Pastor Andy Gipson, Mississippi GOP Lawmaker, cites Bible passage calling for the death of homosexuals.
Pastor David Dykes want to kill all gay people.
Pastor Scott Lively (currently on trial for crimes against humanity) helped write the KILL the GAYS bill in Uganda.
Pastor Dennis Leatherman wants to kill all gay, says it excites his flesh him to think about it.
Pastor Ariel Torres Ortega says gays must die at National Organization for Marriage rally.
Pastor Roger Jimenez praised the killing of gay people in Orlando says all need to be put to death.

I’m still trying to determine where Jesus stands on the issue of killing gay people.