Memo to Trump: NO, you dumbfuck – – – it is NOT “case closed.”

Trump says it’s ”case closed .” But Democrats are just getting started with Robert Mueller,  the case is very much open and will be blown WIDE open this week.

House Democrats have scheduled a series of hearings this coming week  (June 10 – 14) on the special counsel’s report as they intensify their focus on the Russia probe and pick up the pace on an investigative “path” — in the words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi — that some of them hope leads to impeachment of the president.

In doing so, they are trying to draw the public’s attention to the fact that Trump sought to obstruct a federal investigation as well as highlighting his campaign’s contacts with Russia in the 2016 election.

And they will lay the groundwork for an appearance from Mueller himself, despite his stated desire to avoid the spotlight .

The hearings will focus on the two main topics of Mueller’s report, obstruction of justice and Russian election interference.