In June 11 primary, Virginia Republicans chose batshit crazy rightwing nutters, thereby handing the General Assembly to Democrats.

In today’s Virginiia primary elections, in two crucial swing districts, Republican primary voters nominated the party’s most extreme candidates, setting them up to lose control of both General Assembly chambers this November.

Senate District 13: Republicans were competing to replace retiring bigot Dick Black, and they nominated his hand-chosen successor Geary Higgins over the more moderate candidate.  Higgins is so far out, he makes the certifiably insane Dick Black look almost sane.

Higgins ran an Ed Gillespie-style campaign focused on building Trump’s wall thousands of miles away — in a district Gillespie lost by 11 points.

Higgins will now face popular Democratic Delegate John Bell, a fundraising powerhouse.
Senator Tim Kaine won this district by 18 points and Governor Ralph Northam won by 11 points.

House District 28: Republicans abandoned Delegate Bob Thomas, who had called for a Georgia-style abortion ban, and found a candidate even more out of touch with reality. Their new nominee, Paul Milde, primaried incumbent Thomas because of his vote for Medicaid expansion. The path for Democrat Josh Cole just widened in this blue district. Senator Tim Kaine won this district by 12 points and Governor Ralph Northam won by 3 points.

Clearly the Party of Trump has taken control of Virginia’s GOP and will cost commonwealth Republicans control of the General Assembly this November. Republicans hold just a two-seat margin in each chamber. Paul Milde, Geary Higgins, and the extreme right wing of the Trump’s party just lost the GOP control of the General Assembly tonight.