This may be the most fantastic lie Trump has told since his election

Courtesy of HuffPo:

President Donald Trump let fly a jaw-dropping lie in a chatty interview with CNBC Monday, saying that because of his get-tough trade war with China, the Asian nation’s economy has lost ″$15 to $20 trillion in value since the day I was elected.”

The Chinese economy is worth an estimated $13 trillion (it was $12.2 trillion in 2017, according to the World Bank). To wipe out 150% of China’s GDP would erase the country from the world economy and would be pretty ― incredible.

Contrary to Trump’s whopper, the Chinese economy has continued to expand over 6% a year since he was elected.

Jesus Christ!

This idiot just took credit for completely destroying the Chinese economy, and instead, it has really expanded by 6% a year since he was elected.

As far as lies go this is more than simply a whopper, this is pathological and demonstrates a mental incapacity of frightening proportions.