I know you TeaPublicans are so-o-o-o proud of your boy

June 23-24:  Trump ran away to Camp David, leaving behind senior advisers and his family while he claimed to be involved in important meetings.

After he bungled dealing with Iran and lied about the proposed military response, Trump escaped to Camp David over the weekend for what he said would be meetings and important work — but there’s no evidence that he actually met with anyone or did any work.

When he left the White House on Saturday, Trump told reporters he was going to Camp David for “a series of meetings and calls” so he could “focus on Iran and what’s going to come next,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported on Monday.

“I am at Camp David working on many things, including Iran!” Trump tweeted on Saturday.

But Collins noted that Trump left for the presidential retreat without any senior policy aides, members of the Cabinet, of even White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.


Maybe he can get in a couple rounds of golf and read Commander and Cheat…………………….and then listen to the voices in his head and answer them…………………..