Nick Freitas: And this dumbass thinks he should be a US Senator?

Nick Freitas is a Republican delegate in the Virginia General Assembly’s House of Delegates representing HOD District 30.  In 2018, he ran in the Republican primary for the chance to challenge incumbent Senator Tim Kaine (D, VA).  Freitas lost to “Confederate Corey” Stewart, a Republican nutcase from Prince William County — Stewart was destroyed by Kaine in the Nov 2018 general election.

So, now, in November 2019, Freitas must run for his House of Delegates seat.

OOOOOPPPPSSSS!!  Turns out, Freitas is too dumb to meet the filing deadline to get on the Nov 2019 ballot.  Unless the State Board of Election has mercy on him, he will not be on the ballot.  And this idjit thinks he should be a US Senator?

Here’s more.

Del. Nick Freitas (R-Culpeper) is in the midst of a re-election campaign in Virginia’s 30th District, but it turns out the two-term state delegate’s name is not certified to appear on the ballot on November 5.

Culpeper County General Registrar and Director of Elections James Clements made the discovery Wednesday. He said he received confirmation yesterday from Matthew Abell, the state’s election administrator, that Freitas’ certification paperwork was not on file.

Clements said he was making sure all candidates for Culpeper County elections, “from the school board on up,” appeared on a list generated by the Virginia Department of Elections. It was while going over this list that he noticed Freitas’ name was missing. The 30th House of Delegates’ District includes all of Orange and Madison counties and part of Culpeper County, where Freitas lives.

Elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2017, Freitas said via email Friday evening that the snafu came about because the chair of the Republican legislative district committee for the 30th District—Bruce Kay of Locust Grove—apparently “sent the forms to the email address of the individual whom he sent them to two years ago, but no longer works there.”

Wait a minute.  The chairman of the local Republican committee was supposed to file Freitas’ paperwork to put him on the ballot in Nov 2019.  But the chairman sent the paperwork to an old email address, of someone who no longer works for the State Department of Elections ?!?!?!?

And these clowns think they should be in positions of responsibility?  What makes this worse is that people actually vote for these fools.

The doofuss who filed the paperwork could have:

  • Not waited until the last minute so he would have time to recover from a screw-up.
  • Confirmed that the paperwork was filed — a phone call would have done that.

But, then, these are Republicans we are dealing with here.  Not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

In case the name “Freitas” sounds familiar, Nick’s nutter wife was soundly defeated in the June 2019 primary by current State Senator Emmett Hanger.

Her loss may have had something to do with this loony photo she used in her campaign ads.

Image result for tina freitas
Tina Freitas wants your vote — or she’ll shoot you!!  And what is that thing on the left thigh??  Is it a growth or what?