Alabama car dealer giving away bible, flag and shotgun with each purchase.

Why? Because it’s Alabama that’s why.

Courtesy of CNN:

In an appeal to patriotism, a car dealership in Alabama is giving away bibles, flags and guns for a Fourth of July special.

From now until July 31, Chatom Ford will offer customers a bible, American flag and a gift certificate for a 12-gauge shotgun when they purchase any new or used vehicle.

In a promotional video titled “God, Guns and Freedom,” manager Koby Palmer cocks a shotgun in front of a red truck with an American flag draped across the back.

The promotion, a first for the dealership, is meant to honor the tiny town of Chatom, home to just over 1,200 people, and its values, Palmer told CNN.

“We just wanted to show appreciation for some of the things that [residents] take pride in this area,” he said.

Customers can’t drive off the lot with a new gun, though: They must take their gift card to a participating firearms dealer to redeem it, he said.

Well, that’s something I guess. 

When I first started reading this I assumed they gave them the shotguns with a box of shells and a bible to tell them who to smite. 

Still, the idea of a bunch of Ammosexuals driving around all hopped up on Christianity and patriotism sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. 

I’m pretty sure I crossed Alabama off my list of places I wanted to visit, but if I hadn’t it is definitely crossed off now.