Oh, please!!! The Stupid makes my head hurt.

Here is the opening paragraph from the rightwing nutball site The Bull Elephant:

Western politicians, diplomats, heads of state, and other EU officials have agreed and signed on to U.N.’s Agenda 2030, a social engineering plan of population control; this includes every aspect of their daily lives and all business activity.

Agenda 2030!!!

Up until a year or so ago it was “AGENDA 21” that we were supposed to fear.  That washed out, so, now it’s all about AGENDA 2030!!!!

Damn but these people are stupid.  Let’s recount some of the wild conspiracies that drive rightwinignutballs even nuttier.

  • Chemtrails.  The next time you look into the sky and see a long trail of white smoke — water vapor from the turbine engines of an aircraft condensing into a cloud trailing behind the aircraft — just remember:  It’s “the government” spraying chemicals on us for . . . for . . . well, for some reason.
  • AGENDA 21.  In fact, this was a feel-good document signed by 150 or so members of the United Nations in which governments pledged to work toward sustainable energy and the like.  In the minds of the TeaPublicans, AGENDA 21 was a UN plot to make us all ride bicycles and eat Granola.
  • JADE HELM.  A US Army exercise that was conducted over much of West Texas in which local people were asked to participate.  The nutty TeaPublicans learned that some of the local folks were to play the role of “enemy population” and suddenly JADE HELM became a cover story for Obama to arrest gun owners in Texas.  There were reports of ice cream vending trucks being marshaled for use as roaming morgues; detention facilities in the basement of old WalMart stores; boxcars loaded with body bags . . .
  • And now, AGENDA 2030.