Another “The Bull Elephant” nutter appears

The blog “The Bull Elephant” touts itself as Virginia’s premier conservative voice.

In fact, TBE is a gathering place for every wackjob, goofball, failure, nutcase, “Doctor” and jackass in the area.

A new one has appeared.  According to his self-produced biography:

Robert J. MacLean is a former U.S. Air Force nuclear weapons security systems technician, U.S. Border Patrol Agent, and U.S. Federal Air Marshal.

MacLean has an article on TBE claiming that “special food trucks” that provide certain religious meals to commercial airlines (Islamic meals — did you need to ask?) are a threat to airport security.  Sure thing, Robert, sure thing.

Meanwhile, read  his bio again.  One wonders why he is “former” in at least three endeavors.  Looks to me like another TBE dimwit who has failed at everything he tried but now has found a home.