Paul Ryan releases his book, not kind to Trump, Trump responds as you know he would . . .

Donald Trump must have read (or Fox News talked about) how former House Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to draw the shreds of what he had once convinced people were his principles around him and criticize Trump. Because Trump went on a 12+ hour rant about it.

First (always) with the tweets, starting with “failed V.P. candidate & former Speaker of the House, whose record of achievement was atrocious (except during my first two years as President), ultimately became a long running lame duck failure, leaving his Party in the lurch both as a fundraiser & leader.” He was so worked up he had six dots after that one. “When Mitt chose Paul I told people that’s the end of that Presidential run. He quit Congress because he didn’t know how to Win. They gave me standing O’s in the Great State of Wisconsin, & booed him off the stage. He promised me the Wall, & failed (happening anyway!),” he continued. With more dots. He wound down with  “….He had the Majority & blew it away with his poor leadership and bad timing. Never knew how to go after the Dems like they go after us. Couldn’t get him out of Congress fast enough!”

Except he didn’t wind down. In his sweat-soaked stemwinder that was supposed to have been an impromptu presser to say “so long” to Alex Acosta, he just went on and on again about Ryan. “Paul Ryan was not a talent,” he spluttered, sending out a spray of sweat and spittle. “He was no leader…he wouldn’t get subpoenas… when Nancy Pelosi hands them out like they’re cookies. He was unable to raise money, he lost control of the house. The only success Paul Ryan had was the time he was with me.” Yes, Paul Ryan was nothing without Trump. “I remember a day in Wisconsin a state that I won, when I stood up and gave a speech and introduced him and they booed him off stage, 10K people.”

Ryan’s only now criticizing Trump, Trump says, because “Maybe he gets paid for that.” Because of course he said that. Everything is about getting paid for this guy. He didn’t let it rest there, though, getting in a parting shot about his biggest obsession. “The wall is being built. The wall is being built. […] It’s very tough again Paul Ryan let us down … Ryan was a terrible speaker, frankly, he was a baby….”