Rep. Nadler says “This is an impeachment inquiry.” Why is this important?

Why is this important? Because an impeachment inquiry is a different kettle of fish than regular oversight.

With regular Congressional oversight, Donald Trump and his minions can stall and obfuscate and refuse to respond to subpoenas and tie the process up in the courts.

With an official inquiry, that goes out the window.

Unless judges want to upend completely our system of governance, Judiciary subpoenas will now be enforced by the courts because they’re part of an impeachment inquiry. This move by Chairman Jerry Nadler relates specifically to grand jury records. These will now be provided to the committee.

In one fell swoop, Democrats have kneecapped the Trump regime. It was always bound to come down to this, because this regime cares nothing for constitutional norms. Now we’ll see if conservative judges do. My guess is that most of them won’t want to go down in infamy.