Tuesday, July 30, 2019: Trump is in the midst of a psychotic breakdown

What is going on right now on MSNBC is beyond anything we have ever seen.

Donald Trump held another brief press gaggle on the White House lawn before boarding Marine One and making his way to the airport. It’s becoming standard practice for the Trump administration, replacing the regular press briefings that had been held by every single president before Trump. These work out better for Trump because he gets to bully reporters in person and pretend he didn’t hear questions because of the noise of the helicopter behind him. He shouts a few talking points and then gets the optics of boarding the presidential helicopter. The reality show president, he loves the optics. 

MSNBC is playing his press gaggle from moments ago. It is video of a man who no longer lives in the real world.

Trump is completely insane, dissing every past president.

He is now claiming that “African-Americans are calling The White House and are so happy as hell” with what Trump is doing for them, they love what Trump is “doing for them.”  His claims are a lie.

He is spewing complete fantasy. The man is very sick. He is frightening.

Trump has never in his life been in a position where others oppose him, criticize him, or tell him the truth.  He cannot handle it because he is no longer in control.  He doesn’t know what to do, so, he falls back on the only thing a schoolyard bully can do — attack, and attack some more.  He is trapped.  He’s having a psychotic breakdown.