“Lock him up!!”

Protesters were waving signs outside President Trump’s rally in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday when a red pickup truck pulled up to the crowd. Someone in the passenger seat started yelling, WCPO reported, and a few protesters shouted back. Suddenly, the door flew open and a man in a green polo hopped out, fists cocked.

As the crowd gasped and screamed, the man, later identified by local media as 29-year-old Dallas Frazier, landed a quick volley of punches to the face of Mike Alter, 61. Within a few seconds, a police officer rushed in to handcuff Frazier.  The anti-Trump protestors chanted “Lock him up!” as the police led Frazier away.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/08/02/dallas-frazier-trump-rally-protest-punch-cincinnati/?utm_term=.0a4326c7b74e