Trump is trash

When Reagan gave his speech the night of the Challenger disaster I knew he loved our astronauts and felt the sincere grief of our country.

When Clinton spoke about the Columbine murders it was clear his sorrow was sincere.

Bush understood the country’s horror at 9/11 and attempted to speak to us all in the immediate aftermath as a leader of all his citizens.

When Dylan Roof murdered those black parishioners or after Sandy Hook it was clear Obama felt genuine compassion for a grieving country.

Trump cannot rise to these examples because Trump doesn’t care.

He was mad his golf game got interrupted and when finally compelled to say something he just read whatever claptrap was stuck in front of him with the wooden and distant delivery of a man who can’t even pretend to care.

Trump probably asked if the folks in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton voted for him and was unhappy because they did not.