Let’s review some of the evil that is the Republican Party

Bunch of “Team Mitch” thugs grope young freshman member of Congress

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Young Republicons at their best.  Of course, not one of these young assholes has the balls to confront AOC in person.  Cowards all . . . goes without saying . . . they are Republkicans.

Meanwhile, son of wealthy SC Republican is thrown out of his private school because of his video in which he shoots “niggers.”

On Monday, WOLO reported that a 16-year-old South Carolina student has been expelled from the Cardinal Newman School, banned from the property, and faces criminal charges following a violent, racial-slur-laden social media post in which he shoots a box of shoes representing black people.

“Howdy. I’m Parker Mustian, and I hate black prople,” he can be heard saying in the video as he loads a rifle. “They’re the worst. They’re stinky and they just suck. They’re just bad people. You’ll notice over there, there’s a box of Jordans — the favorite pair of shoes for a black man. I’m gonna show you what I think of the black man.”

According to Heavy, Mustian comes from a powerful political family. He is the grandson of Richard Quinn, a legendary GOP strategist, and the son of Benjamin Mustian, a prominent Columbia attorney.