Just saying . . .

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide this morning.  Allegedly.  He was found dead in his cell in a federal prison in New York.  Two weeks ago he “attempted suicide.”

Which raises a few questions.

  1. If he attempted suicide a few days ago, why was he not on suicide watch?
  2. He died in a federal prison owned by the US Dept of Justice.  Who is the head of DOJ?  (HINT:  William Barr)  Who is the person that Barr will protect at all costs?  (HINT:  Trump)
  3. The Trump family has deep, decades-long connections to the NY and NJ mobs, going back to Donald Trump’s father, Fred.  Donald Trump used the mob to support his real estate development business as well as supporting his casinos.  Trump also has extensive connections with the Russian mob that operates from Brighton Beach, NJ.  Is it possible that the NY, NJ and Russian mobs have the ability to reach into even federal prisons and make things happen?
  4. Finally:  Who stands to benefit from Epstein’s death?  (HINT:  A lot of wealthy, powerful people, many of them with close ties to . . . Donald Trump.)

Just saying.


Now, there’s this:

—   William Barr, “Moscow Mitch” McConnell and “Leningrad Lindsey” are well-known closet gays.
—  Epstein provided “boys” for them.
— The three fascist Republicans would have been exposed in court; Epstein had to be “eliminated.”