This recently happened in Minnesota

Last week a person was parked in a Black BMW on multiple days for long periods of time near the intersection of xxxxxx in xxxxxx, Minnesota. Police were eventually called and it was discovered he had multiple weapons and loads of ammo in the vehicle, including two semi-automatic weapons. He also had a bullet proof vest. He was detained and the weapons were confiscated but they were purchased legally so I believe he could go to the precinct and ask for them back.

Worth noting he told police he was watching a house – that happened to have a handmade anti-Trump sign in the window.

A xxxxxx neighbor contacted xxxxx council member xxxxx on 8/5. She replied the same day after having talked with (precinct police inspector) who let her know that a # of steps have been taken to respond to this situation, including the ‘safe keeping’ of the individual’s guns until a very thorough background check is run, alerting all officers in the precinct about the details of this incident, an investigation by the weapons unit, and, this statement: “We encourage anyone who notices that the suspicious vehicle involved in this incident has returned to the neighborhood to call 911 and tell the call taker that firearms were recovered from the suspicious vehicle on 8/2 as the driver was parked in the neighborhood. Officers will make contact with the driver and occupants and assess the situation.”

Okay, folks.  I have anti-Trump bumper stickers on my cars and an anti-Trump sign in my front yard.  If you want to sit in your car, with your guns, and keep an eye on my house and on my comings and goings, don’t get too comfortable.  I won’t call the cops.  But after I confront you . . .  well, it won’t be pretty.