Are you Teabaggers ready to give up on Trump yet?

The Tea Party Is Going To Be Upset At The National Debt! Or maybe not.

Once President Trump signs the budget deal that was passed by the House on Thursday and is expected to be approved by the Senate in a few days, he will have added $4.1 trillion to the national debt, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The total national debt surpassed $22 trillion in February.

You would think this fact alone would cause the Tea Party to turn on Trump.  After all, their motto was Taxed Enough Already — TEA — as in Tea Party.  But they will not turn against him.  After all, Trump is protecting us from marauding hordes of Central American women and children as well as from Muslims; he’s showing our long-time allies that we won’t be pushed around (while at the same time he’s rolling over like a lapdog in from of the world’s most brutal dictators); he’s claiming to have brought 600,000 jobs back from overseas (no, not even one); he’s claiming to be Making America Great Again, when in fact, all he’s doing is driving wedges in our society.

So much for the patriotism of the Tea Party.