The NRA is on the verge of collapse. We should send them our thoughts and prayers.

For the last couple of years, professional sport shooter and gun rights advocate Julie Golob has sat on the board of the NRA. On Monday she announced that she would be resigning from her position before the end of her three-year term. This makes her the fourth board member to retire in the past couple of weeks. The NRA has been going through a tumultuous time, marked with reports of financial woes and lawsuits with their longtime money-partner, PR firm Ackerman McQueen.

According to The Washington Post, Golob announced her resignation by saying that she was “proud to have had the opportunity to represent the members of the NRA but I can no longer commit to fulfilling the duties of a director.” Unlike the previous NRA members to get pushed out by the Wayne LaPierre wing of the group, Golob’s resignation seems to have been managed a little more diplomatically, but gun safety advocates see this as another sign of the NRA’s weakened political position.

Golob’s resignation comes less than a week after more details of internal corruption were reported, highlighting how the NRA’s tax exemption status was teetering on the edge of oblivion.

How about some thoughts and prayers for the NRA?