You ReTrumplicans are right: It’s all about socialism

I’d like to point out to you ReTrumplicans that each of the following is socialism in action:

  •  The Interstate Highway System
  •  Rural Electricity Grid
  •  The Hoover Dam
  • Tennessee Valley Authority; similar flood control systems on other major rivers
  • The navigation system on the Mississippi River
  •  Social Security
  •  Medicare
  •  Air traffic control
  •  The United States military
  •  Interstate Commerce
  •  National Parks
  •  Safe Drinking Water
  •  VA and FHA loans
  •  Tornado Warning Systems
  •  The National Weather Service

And that’s just the beginning.

Just about everything we have done on a national or community level would be described as “socialism” by you ReTrumplicans.

Oh, and by the way:

  • When your house is on fire, do you call a free enterprise contractor to come give you an estimate on saving the house, the, call a couple of others to get competitive estimates?  Or do you call the fire department — which is a completely government-owned socialist organization.
  • When you have a sudden onset of crushing chest pain, do you call three doctors for appointments to give you competitive estimates for their care?  Or do you call the local rescue squad — which is a socialist organization, completely owned by the government.