I lost count of the lies Trump told in New Hampshire – – – here are six.

Trump’s rambling, incoherent “speech” at his New Hampshire rally was his usual collection of lies and bullshit.  Observers lost count of the lies, they came so fast – – but – – here are six.

Trump claims that he came from Europe.  NO, he did not.  He was born in Queens.  As was his father.  His mother was from Scotland.

Trump claims that he is already building the border wall.  Lie.  As of last month, according to the Dept of Homeland Security, not one mile of border wall has been built.  About 50 miles of new fence has been installed, replacing old fencing.

Trump says that Democrats support executing babies after they’ve been born.  Lie.  He loves telling this lie to whip his adoring crowd into a frenzy.

Trump claims that 17 auto manufacturers are moving back to Michigan.  Lie.  There is not a single automobile manufacturer who is moving back or building new facilities in Michigan, or any other state for that matter.

Trump (once again) takes credit for the Veterans Choice program that Obama signed into law in 2014.  Obama signed the bill creating the Veterans Choice program in 2014.

Trump (once again) lies about the crowd size at his rallies.  He claimed that 32,000 people showed up for his rally in Michigan.  The hall had a capacity of 4,400.  Reporters said a crowd was outside but police estimates do not exceed 10,000.

Meanwhile, as Trump was bragging about the crowd size at his rally, Fox was showing empty seats (and bored people as well as people walking out).

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