Republicans are sick, sick, sick

Let’s see if I understand this:

  • Every US intelligence and law enforcement agency concludes that Russians tampered with elections systems in all 50 states — then they donated to Trump’s inaugural fund
  • Several prominent Republicans received campaign donations from Russians
  • Trump’s sons are on record as stating that a large amount of money that keeps their businesses solvent comes from Russia
  • Members of the Trump campaign and administration lie about meeting with Russians before the election
  • Paul Manafort receives millions of dollars for dealing with Russian puppet, then, he hand-picks Mike Pence as VP
  • Trump’s first Oval Office guests are senior Russian officials — to whom he reveals sensitive classified information
  • Mitch McConnell blocks President Obama from disclosing the facts of Russian interference on the 2016 election after which his PAC receives almost $3 million from a Russian
  • McConnell blocks sanctions against Russia after which he gets a business deal with a Russian oligarch who is close to Putin to build a factory in McConnell’s home state
  • The NRA gets $35 million from Russia and campaigns on behalf of Russia while a female Russian intelligence agent shacks up with a senior NRA official
  • AND NOW I’m supposed to believe that the real threat to the US is a freshman member of Congress who wants to visit her grandmother, and, a few Virginia Tech students who want to be referred to as something other than “he” or “she.”


You Republicans are sick, sick, sick.