Are they serious?

One of the many loony blogs in Virginia is “The Bull Elephant,” which presents itself as a leading voice for Virginia Republicans.  In fact, TBE is a collection of misfits, loons, halfwits, phonies, blowhards, and bullshit artists posing as erudite, learned political commentators.  If bullshit could fly, TBE would be the country’s busiest airport.

Here, for example, is the background of one of their regular contributors.

Catharine Trauernicht fulfilled a 9th grade goal when she went to work on Capitol Hill after graduating from Mount Holyoke College. When she began to confuse millions and billions (that was in the mid-late 1970’s), she left the Hill to enroll in The Wharton School at the U. of PA. After earning her MBA, Trauernicht went to NYC to work in the corporate banking field. Five years later, she devoted herself to full-time motherhood for the next twenty years. She became an entrepreneur 10 years ago, inventing a dog ramp to assist dogs entering and exiting vehicles. Coming full circle back to her passion for politics at a young age, Trauernicht now immerses herself in matters involving political advocacy and voter integrity.

And there you have it, folks.  Invented a ramp for dogs to walk up and down to enter or exit a vehicle.  And — did you notice she’s a graduate of Wharton School of Business?  You do know who is another Wharton graduate?  (HINT:  His last name is Trump and he finished at the bottom of the class.)