Remember — this low-intelligence child has his finger on the nuclear trigger

President Trump has accused yet another female politician, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, of being “nasty.”

Which brings up the question as to whether he applies the term to only women, or, to anyone who stands up to him

The president called his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, “a nasty woman.” He has called his top female political foil, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), nasty, too. He has called both of his two most likely female 2020 opponents — Democratic Sens. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) — nasty. He has called San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) nasty. Even the American-born Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was too “nasty” toward Trump.

Here’s what we can say after a thorough review of Trump’s public remarks, media reports and social media accounts: He has applied this label to many of his female opponents, but he has applied it to lots of men, too. Slightly more, actually. It’s a phrase he very often reaches for in response to obvious or perceived slights.

Here’s a list of women who have drawn the label since Trump launched his 2016 campaign:

  1. Frederiksen
  2. Clinton
  3. Pelosi
  4. Harris
  5. Warren
  6. Mayor Cruz
  7. Hirono
  8. Markle
  9. Omarosa Manigault Newman
  10. Reporter April Ryan
  11. GM CEO Mary Barra
  12. An unnamed Jeb Bush staffer
  13. Former business associate Barbara Res
  14. Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland (reportedly)

The number of women on this list is fewer than the number of men to whom Trump has applied the label. On that list are (surprise!) many of his top 2016 GOP primary opponents:

  1. Marco Rubio
  2. Ted Cruz
  3. Bush
  4. Lindsey O. Graham
  5. Mitt Romney
  6. Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott
  7. Former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta
  8. London Mayor Sadiq Khan
  9. Fox News pundit Juan Williams
  10. Evangelical leader Russell Moore
  11. New York Times columnist Tom Friedman
  12. CNN’s David Gregory
  13. MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch
  14. The late conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer
  15. New York City union leader John Cody
  16. Former business associate Jack O’Donnell
  17. An unnamed male TV columnist who gave “The Apprentice” a poor review
  18. Osama bin Laden

Remember:  This immature, sleazy, ignorant, loud-mouthed, cowardly buffon is President.