The Greenland idiocy . . . and the Idiot in the White House

It’s hard to even have words about this Greenland idiocy. Who even put this idea in Trump’s head?

Did he see it on a map, where it is blown up to 10 times its actual size or whatever, then Stephen Miller told him there were a lot of hot white chicks there, and he was all-in, thinking he’d make the 51st state and it would be The Biggest and The Whitest? I mean, doesn’t this actually seem pretty likely?

I’m certainly not going to link to Trump’s Twitter feed but he now tweets (or more likely, whoever is actually controlling it tonight) to say that he’s delaying his meeting with Denmark’s PM since she won’t sell.

He and his band of mendacious advisers actually thought this was possible? That they’d go to Denmark, who does not need our money or attention, make the offer and they’d instantly give in because Donald Trump MAKES DEALS?

As the stupidest explanation is the most likely one these days, this is probably exactly what is going on.


President Trump on Tuesday abruptly called off a trip to Denmark, announcing in a tweet that he was postponing the visit because the country’s leader was not interested in selling him Greenland.

The move comes two days after Trump told reporters that owning Greenland, a self-governing country that is part of the kingdom of Denmark, “would be nice” for the United States from a strategic perspective.

Trump’s announcement suggests that, despite his denials, the central purpose of his trip had been discussion of a U.S. purchase of the massive, glaciered island, which holds increasing value as melting sea ice opens new parts of the Arctic to shipping and resource extraction.

Ted Cruz called it over three years ago.

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