The White House is now a mental hospital with one bizarre patient

At this moment in the U.S. — in the wards of mental hospitals and in the “memory care” center of assisted living facilities —  a patient is locked in a padded cell, or restrained on a bed, or simply seated in a chair or lying in a bed while spouting gibberish that originates with the voices in his head.

The voices tell him things, you see. They warn him of the many hands poised to strike him, they demand revenge for every perceived slight. They praise him, they tell him he is a brilliant genius, and they feed his rage.

At this point — August 2019 —  the asylum is 1600 Pennsylvania, the patient is the President of the United States, and instead of managing this dangerous patient, the staff sings his praises and encourages his lunacy.

The recognition that Donald J. Trump — President of the United States, Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces, leader of the Republican Party and now King of Israel and Chosen One — is (to use a crude term) batshit crazy is so clear as to be  unavoidable.   Another unavoidable fact is there’s not a damn thing we can do about it until November 2020.

The big cons of the first term haven’t just been embarrassing flops but massive, far-reaching failures putting our economy and security at risk.

  • The tax bill blew up the debt and deficit to historically high levels.
  • North Korea’s serial humiliation of Trump proved to Kim Jong Un that he could flim-flam the President of the United States and move the DPRK closer to full nuclear capabilities to threaten our allies and our own shores.
  • Trump’s promises to restore coal, steel, and auto jobs are shattered by reality.
  • His moronic shitshow of an unwinnable trade war has added at least $1,000 to the cost of living for every family.
  • The fact that he was spanked by Denmark, a country the size of Delaware, after his absurd “Buy Greenland” campaign was just one more humiliation of a President who clearly has no idea what he’s doing.

The Trump campaign and the early days  of his administration were marked by excuse after excuse when most of his supporters — and  much of the mainstream media — believed that the vomit spraying out of Trump’s mouth was part of some clever psychological game.

Only idiots and zealots believe that now.

In business, Trump could paper over his bankruptcies, flops, asinine remarks, and failed cons.

In the fishbowl that is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue there is no place for him to hide.  His every word is recorded.  Now, when he contradicts himself the next day, when his grandiose claims crash and burn, and when he is questioned about what he said or promised yesterday, the lunatic comes out and cannot be hidden.

The man is batshit crazy and is close to a full breakdown.  And he has the nuclear launch codes.