Electric cars are coming and there’s not a damn thing you TeaPublicans can do about it

A great website for all transport news electric is Electrek.co.  They’ve just posted a thought provoking report on a big change coming at Volkswagen, which is restructuring a gas engine producing factory at Zwickau entirely into an electric car producing factory.  The new factory will have an electric vehicle production capacity of over 300,000 cars per year.  The first electric vehicle to be produced will be the ID3, an all-electric hatchback, set to launch by 2020.  This VW will start at less than €30,000 and have over 330 km of range (about 205 miles).  Some versions may have over 500 km of range (more than 310 miles of range).

Electrek.co’s take on this development is what is thought-provoking.  Electrik says:  “This is great. We are talking about converting a massive plant to electric car production over just over two years. That’s quick.  We think this more aggressive approach by Volkswagen, which has arguably been forced onto them after the Dieselgate fiasco, will prove successful and could influence other automakers to do the same.  At Electrek, we think that electrification will happen much faster than most people in the industry think right now.”

Here is their reason for this optimism about this very needed transition:  “As the number of compelling electric car models increase rapidly in the next three to four years, it’s going to become clear to most buyers that electric cars are going to be the norm in the next few years, and it will make it very hard for them to buy gasoline-powered cars because the projected resale value is going to be extremely bad.”

Electrek says “This shift is going to be very disruptive.”  That’s the point of the Green New Deal — we need to get ready for a big change that may come sooner than the conventional wisdom is expecting.  Bernie Sanders gets this — see his new detailed plan for dealing with this change, emphasizing that coal and gas engine car factory workers are not the enemy here.  So does Andrew Yang, who keeps telling the truth that big change is coming — from many directions.  It will be ironic, though, if the turning point toward electric transport comes because resale values of gas engine cars start plummeting!