Is there no limit to the ignorant incompetence that is Trump?

2:00 AM Paris time and Trump is on a Twitter rant about . . . about . . . well, about something.

President Donald Trump has an early morning meeting Monday with Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi. He also has a full day of meeting with the G-7, but that wasn’t his focus in the early morning hours.

“My Stock Market gains must be judged from the day after the Election (sic), November 9, 2016, where the Market went up big after the win, and because of the win. Had my opponent won, CRASH!” Trump tweeted Sunday night in the U.S., which was nearly 2 a.m. in France where the president is staying during the G-7 summit.


Trump’s latest BFF — actually, a mini-Trump — dumps Trump

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson was one of President Donald Trump’s favorite people to take over for Theresa May when she resigned this summer. But Johnson also mocked the U.S. president and humiliated him on a global scale.


Iranian Foreign Minister shows up at G7 summit, trolls Trump who is left with his dick hanging out

Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif used Donald Trump’s favorite social media platform to get in a dig at the president and rub his nose in the fact that French President Emmanuel took time out from the busy G7 meeting he is hosting to sit down with him.

The White House was blindsided by Macron’s invitation that had been kept a secret from Trump and now, if Trump wanted proof of the meeting, he need only hop on Twitter to see the evidence.

Left, in the white outfit, Iranian Foreign Minister; right facing camera, French President Macron.  Missing:  Trump.