Typical: Tea Party official arrested, charged with inventing gay prostitution scandal to cover up his own affair

A former Republican legislator is facing jail time after being convicted after inventing a gay prostitute scandal to smear himself in an attempt to cover up an affair with a fellow GOP legislator — who was also married at the time.

“Todd Courser, a 47-year-old Republican from Silverwood who resigned from the state House in 2015, could face up to a year in jail when he is sentenced on Sept. 16 in a Lapeer courtroom for willful neglect of duty by a public officer,” Fox 47 reports.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel mocked Courser in a written statement.

Today’s decision by Todd Courser to plead no contest to a one-year misdemeanor may be the wisest decision he has made in years,” Nessel said. “This case has had a long, torturous history and his decision to acknowledge responsibility for his actions is long overdue.”

“An aide for Courser and former Rep. Cindy Gamrat testified during a 2016 probable cause hearing that Courser asked him to send an outlandishly bogus, sexually explicit email to thousands of fellow Republicans as a trick so his extramarital affair with Gamrat – a fellow married, freshman tea party conservative – would not be believed if it was revealed by an anonymous extortionist. The extortionist turned out to be Gamrat’s then-husband, according to a state police probe,” Fox 47 explained.

Smearing himself for political advantage was not a new tactic for Courser.

During his 2014 primary campaign, he reportedly created a flyer claiming he was a child molester to gain sympathy from voters thinking his opponents were smearing him.

NONE OF THIS IS SURPRISING CONSIDERING THE FACT THIS GUY IS AN ACTIVE TEA PARTIER.  After all, it was Tea Party organizations nationwide that smeared President and Mrs. Obama, claiming he was not born in the US; picturing her as an “ape in heels;” claiming she was a man and their children were adopted from Morocco.  I’m not aware of a single instance of a Tea Party member telling the truth about anything.