Who around here is supporting Trump?

Want to discover who in your neighborhood or family is donating to Trump?  It’s simple.

Candidates for federal offices must file reports with the Federal Election Commission listing donors by name, by amount donated, and by several other factors.  The FEC posts this data on the Internet in an easily searchable database.  This is public data.  No one’s privacy is being violated, although you may discover that some of the people donating to Trump don’t want to be found out.  That’s the whole point — find them and publicize them — they should be embarrassed, but, as Trumpistas, they won’t be, although they may be angry at having been exposed for being complicit in destroying our democracy.

  • Go to www.fec.gov
  • Look at the dark blue bar across to top of the opening page.
  • Above that bar is a list of drop-down menus — select the drop-down arrow for CAMPAIGN FINANCE DATA.
  • On the left side of that page are the search filters.  For example, in the box titled RECIPIENT NAME OR ID, enter “Trump.”  In the ZIP CODE box, enter a ZIP.
  • Note you can limit the search to the CURRENT PERIOD (2019-2020) or to any other time period.
  • You will then see a list of everyone in that ZIP code who has donated to Trump.

Here are the results on September 1, 2019, from ZIP 22473 (Heathsville, VA) and ZIP 22482 (Kilmarnock, VA) for donations to Trump.

ZIP 22473

ZIP 22482