Trump’s plan: Lie, Lie, Lie!!! Distract, Distract, Distract!!!

Let’s review what the past 36 hours has seen.

Trump using Air Force money to line his pockets

Trump owns a golf course in Scotland in the village of Turnberry.  Twenty miles away is a failing airport, Prestwick.  There was so little air traffic through Prestwick that the government of Scotland bought the airport for the equivalent of ONE DOLLAR.

In 2014, Trump and Scotland signed an agreement whereby he would encourage people who used his golf course to fly into Prestwick, versus flying into, say, Aberdeen and driving.  As  result, income at the Prestwick airport increased, but not enough to make the place profitable.

Now we learn that for the past six months the House of Representatives has been investigating why US Air Force transport aircraft, flying supply missions that pass through Europe, have been stopping — not at US military bases — but at Prestwick to refuel and to allow the crew to rest for 12 or so hours.  At Prestwick, the USAF is paying THREE TIMES AS MUCH for fuel as they would at a US airbase.  The crews are renting cars, driving 20 miles to Turnberry, where they spend their down time, all the while paying for food and lodging at Trump’s resort rates.  Prestwick airport pays Trump a portion of their income.

Thus, Trump is funneling taxpayer money into his pockets.

Trump and the mythical Camp David meeting

We all recall how President Carter brought Israeli and Palestinian leaders to Camp David to sign a peace agreement.

A few hours after the news broke of the Trump-Turnberry-Prestwick-Air Force scam, Trump tweeted a claim that he was at Camp David where he had arranged a meeting between Afghan and Taliban leaders to reach an agreement to end their civil war and to withdraw US troops.  He claimed he cancelled the meeting because the Taliban claimed credit for a bombing that killed a number of Afghan civilians.

Not a single other source has verified that such a meeting was in the works.  Not the US Dept of State, Dept of Defense, National Security Council.  Neither Afghan nor Taliban leaders have confirmed Trump’s claim.

It’s a lie.  No such meeting was planned.

Why did Trump lie?

Trump lied about this mythical meeting as a distraction.  He wanted everyone to look over here at this Camp David meeting, don’t look at the scandal of Trump using Air Force money to enrich himself.

And that, folks, is the way he operates — big lie today, early morning tweet, and everyone looks in the other direction.