Trump’s presidency is over. We won, he lost.

Not saying I have any scientific proof, however, it is clear the morons who identify with Trump will never change, and so the struggle is over.

We’ve won the independent vote, and now, it’s just a matter of time.

The voters who sat out 2016 have learned their lesson. They’ll vote for the Democrat no matter what.  Trump’s idiots will either vote for him or stay home.  And even if they all come out to vote, they are the minority.

Struggle over.

It will take years to undo the damage, but, he’s toast, he knows it. He’s acting like he knows it.  Members of the White House staff are leaking that he’s at the end of his rope, that he has “lost his shit,” that everyone dreads coming to work and having to deal with him.

Either way, he’s just going through the motions: There is no press secretary. There are no press briefings, because he’s not really the president and he’s not really running anything.  The Executive Branch is staffed with acting this and acting that — no one is in a position to make a decision.  And — the members of his cabinet who are not “acting,” are such jokes that no one takes them seriously — Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Rick Perry — incompetent boobs — they announce a new policy or program and the next day it’s withdrawn.

Trump and his administration are going through the motions, wishing January 2021 would hurry up and get here.  They are just running out the clock.