Just a guess . . .

This is just a guess, but, looks as thought the Manassas Tea Party (Manassas, VA) is defunct.

The events listed on their website end in September 2015.

They no longer have a Facebook page.

The most recent entry on their Twitter site is August 2017.

Go to this link for a list of more defunct Virginia Tea Parties.

The world is a better place without these dingbats.

Of course, it is interesting that the Tea Parties appeared in 2009 and disappeared in 2016-17.  Hmmmm . . .  their beginning and end coincided with the beginning and end of a black man’s term as President of the US.

Furthermore . . . just out of curiosity, I found the website for the Northern Virginia Tea Party . . . it, too, appears to be defunct.  No entries since late November 2016

The Northern Virginia Tea Party site has a link to four other Tea Parties:

  • Tea Party Patriots
  • Alexandria Tea Party
  • Arlington County Tea Party
  • Fair Lakes Area Tea Party.

Each of these links goes to a dead website — a place holder or ad for Internet services.