Trump loves coal and coal miners so much, coal companies are going bankrupt at record pace

President Donald Trump’s promises to coal miners have fallen along with his other broken campaign promises. Another state is facing the harsh reality that Trump is not riding in on a white horse to save them.

According to Axios, three out of the nine coal companies in the Powder River Basin in northeastern Wyoming have filed for bankruptcy and another two companies are consolidating. Kentucky coal miners have been protesting Blackjewl, which filed for bankruptcy in July, withdrawing payroll dollars from miners’ accounts. Little has been heard about the Wyoming workers as those companies crumble, however.

Wyoming is one of the top coal-producing regions in the United States, but GOP promises have done little to save an outdated and flailing industry. Not only has Trump been short on meaningful action, but Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) also seems too busy fighting with Iran to pay attention to her home state.

Democrats sought another route, proposing programs to retrain miners and help find them jobs. Miners, along with their corporations, overwhelmingly supported Trump and the GOP in 2016. Trump has tried to strike regulations preventing coal from polluting, but it hasn’t helped as free markets opt for more affordable options.