Republican bullshit and hypocrisy hit new high

Sep 18, 2019.

The Trump Freak Show cancelled increasingly strict automobile emission and mileage standards put in place by the Obama Administration.

California and several automobile manufacturers announced they would continue to meet higher standards.  Fifteen other states agreed with California.

Now, the Trump Freak Show has announced that California no longer has the right to set emission or mileage standards.  California is suing.

All of which is just another show of Republican hypocrisy, because:

  • I thought Republicans were all about states’ rights — you know, the right of the states to manage their own affairs.
  • Governor Ronald Reagan established the California Clean Air Board, which is the organization responsible for establishing state emissions and mileage standards.  I thought Reagan was a saint to Republicans?

Oh, well, now that the GOP has been captured by a buffoon, what else should we expect?