And another Charlottesville Nazi bites the dust

As an introduction to this article, I need to point out that my father, his brothers, all the boys he went to high school and college with, my mother’s brothers, all the boys she went to high school with . . . they all signed up and marched off to kill Nazis.  Now it looks as though they didn’t kill enough of the Nazi bastards.

Federal authorities in Virginia arrested a far-right political activist who had attended the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville during which Heather Heyer was murdered in 2017.

“Andrew Thomasberg was arrested at his home in McLean on Thursday, according to court filings, accused of possessing guns as a drug user and illegally buying an AK-47 in 2017 for that friend, who is cooperating with authorities,” The Washington Post reported Friday.

“In federal court in Alexandria on Friday, FBI Special Agent Shawn Matthews, who testified that his focus is domestic terrorism, said Thomasberg took part in the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017 with a neo-Nazi group called Vanguard America,” the newspaper reported. “After Charlottesville, Matthews said, Thomasberg gravitated to another neo-Nazi group called the Atomwaffen Division that is ‘distinct in that it advocates for violence or violent acts to start a racial war in the United States.’”

The newspaper reported on a text message when Thomasberg offered his views on right-wing politics and drugs.

“Psychedelic Nazis . . . There’s nothing more Aryan than entheogenic drug use,” he said.

“Drug addiction is untermensch,” he also argued, describing it as subhuman.

Six weapons were found in Thomasberg’s bedroom and a pistol was discovered in his car.

“He bought two rifles, a pistol and a handgun in the past four years, according to court records,” the newspaper noted.

Bail was not granted.

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