Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (Nutcase, Chesterfield) encourages her supporters to shoot people

Sen. Amanda Chase, R-Chesterfield, revised a Facebook campaign ad on Friday that groups working for gun control said targeted them with potential violence but her campaign called a “communications oversight.”


The ad shows Chase with a pistol at a firing range beneath a message from the senator that originally said, “I’m not afraid to shoot down gun groups.”


Campaign manager Philip Search said the third-party media team that produced the ad used an incorrect statement. In the new statement, Chase says, “I’m not afraid to shoot down attacks from any anti-gun groups, because gun rights are women’s rights.”

So — tell me:  WTF is the difference?  She is shown at a firing range, firing a pistol at a target, raving about how she is “not afraid to shoot down” anyone who disagrees with her??  Why has she not been arrested for making threats?