A question to Trump officials who are now being subpoenaed by Congress

If you have anything to do with Trump, and if you are issued a subpoena by a Congressional committee investigating Trump for possible impeachment, you need to think seriously about this:  ARE YOU PREPARED TO GO BANKRUPT?

Remember:  That high-powered DC lawyer from a white-shoe law firm will bill you $1,500 PER HOUR along with his associates who will bill you $70-0 – $1,000 per hour.  Then there’s the support staff — paralegals, secretaries, photocopies, phone calls . . .you will pay for every single page of copy paper they use in your defense.

SO — your choice boils down to this:

  • CHOICE NUMBER ONE:  Comply with the subpoena, answer the committee’s questions directly, completely and immediately.  Doing this will limit your legal expenses.
  • FIGHT IT AND GO BROKE.  To pay your lawyer, you will mortgage your home, sell your cars, wipe out your kids’ college funds, wipe out your 401K accounts (and remember, you’ll pay penalties for withdrawals), sell that condo in Vail .  .  . wipe out everything you own to pay that lawyer.

Your choice.