Trump got where he is with the help of TeaPublicans

Donald Trump did not ascend to the highest office in the land due to intelligence, political skill, or patriotic ideals. In fact, he was sorely lacking in all of the above.

He achieved the presidency through the machinations of a adversarial foreign power, along with a Republican party willing to install a hand-picked Russian puppet in the White House in the belief that they, too, could manipulate him into doing their bidding.

Millions of people voted for him – some out of ignorance of his history, some because they believed his never-to-be delivered on promises, and some because his obvious racism and bigotry mirrored their own. Many were persuaded by so-called “religious leaders” who marketed a lying, adulterous, corrupt businessman as a ‘good Christian’. Others were simply taken in by a professional con-man, whose snake-oil seemed a perfect tonic to cure the nation’s ills.

Once installed in the Oval Office, Republican powers-that-be enabled Trump’s every move, regardless of how unethical, unlawful, and/or immoral his actions might be. They ignored the distancing of our allies – because a SCOTUS pick was more important than our standing in the global community. They ignored the cries of children locked in cages – because tax-cuts for the wealthy out-weighed upholding our long-held values as a nation. They supported his racism, bigotry, and divisiveness – because advancing their political agenda was far more important than the well-being of our country and the unity of its citizens.

And now Trump is where he is – a man being exposed as the traitor he’s always been, a corrupt liar willing to sell-out his own country for political power and personal gain, a useful idiot whose own stupidity and arrogance led him to believe he was above the law.

The man who stood proudly on the world’s stage and declared Putin more credible than our own intelligence community, the man who idolizes despots like Kim Jong Un and Mohamad Bin Salman, the man who surrounded himself with inept toadies and placed incompetent cronies in positions of power, the man who used his position to enrich himself while his policies destroyed the livelihoods of American citizens, is about to stand on a very different stage – and the eyes of the entire world will be upon him as the depths of his corruption are exposed, and as his crimes are revealed for all to see.

As we watch events unfold over the coming months, let’s never forget that Trump did not get where he is alone. He was aided and abetted by the Republican party, and could never have achieved his corrupt goals without those party members who – wilfully and with malice aforethought – assisted him in perpetrating his crimes against the country, as well as crimes against humanity.

I do not intend to mitigate Trump’s responsibility for his own actions by suggesting that his guilt is somehow diminished because it is shared with others in the GOP. But those who defended his lawlessness, shielded his treasonous behavior, and allowed his corruption to flourish must forever be seen as guilty parties in their own right, and the Republican party held out as an example of a political power that will sink to the lowest depths in furtherance of own their greed, their own immorality, and their own blatant disregard for their country and its people.