Imagine this: It’s mid-1942 . . .

It’s mid-1942.  German armies have swept over western Europe and are in control of France, Belgium, Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries.  Great Britain stands alone, having barely extracted the remnants of their Army from Dunkirk.  German submarines rule the North Atlantic and the Luftwaffe rules the air.

Churchill calls FDR.

Churchill:  “Franklin, you know that were are barely hanging on.  Could you lend us 50 or so of your old World War I ships — cruisers, destroyers, anything you can spare?”

Roosevelt:  “Winston, I know you are about to go under.  We would like to help you and we will. There is one thing I need for you to do for me, though.  I’m facing Thomas Dewey in the 1944 election.  Perhaps you could help me dig up some dirt on him?  You know we have done a lot for you.  Maybe you can do a little something for me.”

And that’s what Trump did.