Today’s madness from the Trump Freak Show

Former federal prosecutor:  “Rudy should put duct tape over his mouth . . . “

During an appearance on “This Week,” Rudy Giuliani said that he has no intention of complying with a Congressional subpoena if he’s called to testify in the impeachment inquiry for President Donald Trump. He tried to argue that he is protected by attorney/client privilege. Unfortunately for Giuliani, however, he announced that he was leaving Trump’s legal team in June 2019.

It’s likely for this reason former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi said, “no way — no how” will the privilege hold up in court.

“Here’s why,” Rossi began. “The attorney/client privilege protects obviously confidential communications, but if I am your attorney and you’re my client and you ask me to talk to third parties, i.e., Ukrainian officials, State Department officials, Bill Barr, members of the Justice Department. If you authorize me as your attorney to talk to other people about what we talked about, there’s no privilege. It’s called the third-party exception. There is no way he can invoke a privilege for the topics that Adam Schiff wants to talk about.”

CNN host Ana Cabrera asked Rossi if Giuliani could be in legal jeopardy.

“Let’s put this way. If I were Rudy Giuliani, I would put duct tape over my mouth and go into the witness protection program, because every time he gets on television, every time he talks to a reporter, he not only does a disservice to his client, he possibly puts himself in legal jeopardy. Why? He allegedly is part of a conspiracy to persuade a foreign country, Ukraine, to interfere in our election. That is against the law.”

National security analyst Matthew Rosenberg explained that the calls that ended up in the secret server had no business being on there to begin with. The White House took extraordinary steps to hide the phone calls on the server when they weren’t supposed to be using it for that purpose.

Rudy has Trump believing this tin-foil hat bullshit

Journalists, author and documentarian Chris Whipple explained to MSNBC host Richard Lui that “everyone” in President Donald Trump’s circle “is in trouble.”

“You have to begin with Rudy Giuliani,” Whipple said of the erratic former Trump counselor. He “obviously inhabits a planet of his own. You know, compared to Rudy Giuliani, Martha Mitchell who was the loose Canon of Watergate was a paragon of sobriety. Compared to Rudy Giuliani, G. Gordon Liddy was like Robert Mueller. He’s clearly completely out of control.”

Lui noted that Giuliani is a “hired gun,” something that Michael Cohen once worked as to help Trump. Cohen is now serving three years in prison.

“Everybody is in trouble,” Whipple predicted. “To me the striking thing — what’s so revealing is what it reveals about Trump. Almost astonishing gullibility on Trump’s part. This is someone who, I think, believes this tin foil hat stuff that Giuliani is feeding to him, the idea that Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server is in the basement in the Ukraine. The idea that it wasn’t the Russians attacking the election in 2016, it was Ukrainians trying to elect Hillary Clinton. To me that is astonishing, and it would be amusing if not for the fact that this person is president of the United States.”

He recalled what was happening in the White House in 1974 when cabinet officials began looking out for themselves instead of the president.

“I think that [Attorney General Bill] Barr clearly has to try to separate the State Department from what Giuliani was up to. He may or may not separate the Department of Justice,” Whipple continued. “He may or may not succeed at that. It’s hard to be sympathetic to Barr. This is a bed that he made, and he now has to lie in. And I think as far as Pompeo’s concerned, I would never underestimate Pompeo. Pompeo has to separate the State Department. He has questions to answer about the ambassador. But he is a savvy, smart, Machiavellian operator. And compared to the others, I would never bet against Mike Pompeo.”

White House staff in panic as Giuiliani runs off at the mouth

White House staffers are struggling to deal with Rudy Giuliani who goes on cable news shows without warning them or checking his talking points with them first. Giuliani’s erratic behavior and keen ability to confess to questionable activities on live television, which tends to throw the communications team for a loop, MSNBC panelists revealed Sunday.

Over the weekend Giuliani went to bat for the president on a days-long cable news tour. Giuliani was an unpaid lawyer on Trump’s legal team through the special counsel’s investigation. There’s no evidence Giuliani ever was paid anything by the Trump campaign. While Giuliani was doing international work at President Donald Trump’s request, Giuliani is not registered as a foreign agent. It’s unknown who is paying Giuliani for advising Trump.

“The president likes Giuliani, but not a lot of other people seem to,” noted Politico White House correspondent Anita Kumar. “They do not like that he is talking about different things — talking about them where they don’t get a chance to sort of know what that is. One thing important to say here, Rudy Giuliani doesn’t run his interview schedule or his TV appearances by the White House or the campaign. So, he is doing what he wants to do. I don’t think that will change unless President Trump tells him not to do that. So, a lot of these cabinet officials, are taken by surprise — they don’t know that he is going on TV and they don’t know what he is going to say.”

She said that the attorney general has been “very upset” to see he was lumped into this scandal. He went so far as to say that he was unaware of any interactions with the Ukraine scandal. In a call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump told him to work with Giuliani and Attorney General Bill Barr on the “corruption” problem.