Virginia state senator Amanda Chase admits to threatening police with a firearm so she can park where she wants to.

Speaking of Virginia politics . . . how about Amanda Chase threatening police with her handgun? Anyone interested in that?

In audio from last Thursday [Sept. 12], Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase asserted that she was now allowed to defy local police and park wherever she wants at the Virginia State Capitol building because she carries a handgun.

“I pretty much park where I need to now, so. They don’t ever give me issues now,” Chase said. “Um, I should have let them know I was carrying a lot earlier.”

The setting was the King William County Tea Party meeting. Here’s the audio.


Of course, gutless Virginia Republicans are doing nothing about this person who utters threats against police officers . . . and who carries a handgun.  I see she revealed this threat at a Tea Party meeting.  Tells us a lot about the Tea Party.