“The Bull Elephant” and Woody Zimmerman: Both are full of shit

I’ll keep this short.

One of the nuttiest of rightwingnut websites in Virginia is “The Bull Elephant” (TBE),  which proclaims itself to be the pre-eminent conservative voice in the state.  Actually, TBE is the pre-eminent wackadoodle site.  If bullshit could fly, TBE would be a major airport.

I won’t give a link to TBE, find it yourself.

One of the regular authors on TBE is a clown named Woody Zimmerman, who describes himself:

Woody Zimmerman, a former “software-soldier” of the Cold War, had a long career in mathematics, computing, simulation, and modeling – including 30 years at Science Applications International Corporation. He holds degrees in mathematics from Wheaton College and Johns Hopkins University. At Wheaton he also minored in German. Now retired, he writes analysis and commentary on social and cultural issues, education, religion, history, science, war and politics. He and his wife, Carol, have been married for 55 years; they have three children, nine grandchildren, and a great-grandson.

Woody recently posted an article in which he claims that a group of Native Americans awarded Bernie Sanders the “Walking Eagle” award.  Woody then goes on the explain that the award is named “Walking Eagle” because the person receiving the award is so full of shit, he can’t fly, so, he must walk.  Woody is so-o-o-o-o proud of himself for taking a shot at Sanders.

Well, in fact, Woody just showed us how ignorant he is.

Woody fell for a 15-year-old joke — it first appeared on the Internet in 2004. It was nonsense then, it’s nonsense now.

But, hey, when did rightwingnutsjobs ever care about facts?